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MamaBear + the Milkyway

Astrology | Coaching | Human Design

Who I Am

A Curious Seeker

I believe that each of us carry a deep wisdom in our beings. The answers you are seeking about parenting and partnering, or being in a human experience – are with you already and I’m here to support you to rediscover them through coaching.

A mama who dug deep

My own motherhood journey found me feeling trapped, stuck, depleted, confused and despairing, but wishing the best for my kiddos. That space of struggle offered me a chance to find loving kindness that moved me into a truer sense of who I am. I can support you to do the same.

A committed partner

My relationship with my partner has been a beautiful mirror and an absolute pressure cooker for me to see and Know myself more fully. I offer my experience and presence to you as you explore what you’re up for in connection with others. 

A supportive personal coach and mentor

I bring all of this lived experience, wrapped up in feminine empowerment, astrology and Purejoy training. Here you won’t find a guru, or an expert at all. I’ve got no prescriptions for exactly what you need- but I bring my loving kindness, my open heart, my curiosity and my toolbox.

I know deep down that we will discover your truth together. You won’t be alone along the way.


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