Hot Coffee,


A few of my faves


Hello Dear One- I’m so glad you made it here- to this website, to my work.  Welcome! Welcome! 

 I like to think of my role in this work as a guide, or a teacher and I want you to know that as I see it, you are the wisdom holder- you always have been. My intention is to use my own SoulShine as a light for you to begin to see your own wholeness- that who you are right now is enough, that you do in fact matter, and you’re here for all of this life, the ups and the downs- it’s so beautifully who you’ve become- even when it seems like such a mess at times.

 I only know this, or have a sense that this is the case, because I’ve been there too. I felt stuck, frustrated, even angry and rageful at times because I felt like I was living in a loop of always trying to find the golden ticket to what would work for me and my family. Something that wasn’t yelling, and controlling and blaming, the stuff that made me feel like a shit mom at the end of the day. The promise of things getting easier just kept me in this loop, but the rewards of all the methods I tried were so elusive. I couldn’t seem to win at the most important game of my life- motherhood. 

 When I was at the end of my rope- really crying out to something greater than me for help! I found two works that changed my mothering, and really my outlook on life, forever! The first was Esoteric Astrology and I picked up a piece of my SoulShine, my true nature!  When I found star charts I found a piece of my soul. They just make so much sense to me! When I see them- I see you! The you that lives at the heart of the matter of life- the soul level.  I can show you back to a version of yourself that saw something grand about this opportunity that is your life! 

 The second supported me that it was safe and ok, as an adult,  to take off the layers of not-self that I had picked up along life’s way- that muted or blocked my SoulShine. Expressing my true nature in a world that trained me to believe there was no place for my brilliance was wobbly at times, but the loving support of my mentors in Purejoy Parenting provided an environment for me to take what I learned to be my true self and let my Soul Shine! 

 So my work here is really about weaving a beautiful tapestry of the two and sharing it with YOU!  It’s about holding space for you to have supported self-discovery because I truly believe that the work you long to do has to be an internal job- I know you can feel the truth of that deep in your bones, because I do too.  Here we are- together. 

 This is an invite from the deep well of my open heart- that you come close and tune in as I lovingly take you on a journey back to yourself!