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About Me

I’m so delighted that you’ve made it here- to this website, to my work.  

Welcome! Welcome! 

As a coach, I use my own brilliance, my love, my curiosity and my training, as a light for you to see your wholeness. 

Who you are right now is enough. 

You’re here for all of this life, the ups and the downs- even when it seems like such a mess at times.

You are the wisdom holder in your own life- you always have been.  

Together, we can take your tight, constricted places and expand them into love. 

 When I was at the end of my rope-I found three works that changed my outlook on life, forever! I finally arrived in a place of self love. 

The first was Astrology and I picked up a piece of my true nature there!  

The second, the Purejoy way, supported me that it was safe and ok, as an adult,  to take off the layers of conditioning that blocked my brilliance.

The third is the work of the Wild Feminine and an invitation to fully own my embodiment. 

I trained in all of these modalities and I want to share them with you.

This is an invite from the deep well of my open heart- for you to come close and tune in, as I lovingly take you on a journey back to yourself!


I want to meet you right where you are- your whole and wonderful self.  Click below to see my current offerings.